Jun 5, 2019

Little Caesars Tests New Pizza with Four Different Crust Flavors

Little Caesars is testing a new pizza called the Quattro Crust Pizza, which features four different crust flavors, one for each quarter.

The four crust flavors are:

- Cheddar and Jalapeno
- Cheddar and bacon
- Asiago and parmesan
- Asiago and parmesan breadcrumbs

From what I was told, they take their round, large pepperoni pizza and sprinkle cheddar cheese on one half of the crust and Asiago on the other half and then add either jalapeno slices, bacon pieces, parmesan, and parmesan breadcrumbs on their respective quarters before baking. The crust seems to be wider to accommodate more of the crust flavors.

The price tag on the Quattro Crust Pizza is $8 and includes two free Caesars Dips. Caesars Dips are available in the following flavors: Butter Garlic, Cheezy Jalapeno, Buffalo Ranch, and Ranch. They normally cost 79 cent each.

The Quattro Crust Pizza test is taking place at select locations in Virginia and Kentucky.

Last year, the chain was testing a pizza that had four different topping combination--one on each quarter. Maybe they'll combine the two next?

Photo via Little Caesars.

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