Jun 19, 2019

Domino's to Test Autonomous Pizza Delivery in Houston

Domino's partners with Nuro, a robotics company focused on unmanned, local delivery services, to test autonomous pizza delivery in the Houston metro area later this year.

Domino's will use Nuro's autonomous, custom R2 vehicle fleet to deliver to select customers in the Houston area who place an online order. Nuro has been operating in the Houston market since March 2019.

The cars are quite interesting as they're only meant to travel locally, they're quite small compared to a regular car, and are dedicated for unmanned delivery only (there's no space for passengers or a driver).

If you happen to be one of those customers ordering online for delivery from a participating location in the area, you'll be able to track your delivery vehicle via the Domino's app and will receive a unique PIN (for "Personal Identification Number" if case you ever wondered) that will unlock the compartment with your pizza order.

Photo via Domino's.

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