Jan 2, 2021

Dunkin' Welcomes New Dunkfetti Donut and More to Kick Off 2021

Dunkin' kicks off 2021 with the new, limited-time Dunkfetti Donut as well as a number of other menu items.

The Dunkfetti (a portmanteau of Dunkin' and confetti) is a confetti cake donut covered in glaze (they could have also just called it the "glazed confetti donut"). It's available through January 26, 2021.

The Dunkfetti is joined on the menu by the following items:

- New Gluten-Free Fudge Brownie - An individually-wrapped chocolatey and chewy gluten-free fudge brownie.

- Croissant Stuffers - Croissant Stuffers (croissants stuffed with a filling) return to the menu in two varieties: Chicken, Bacon & Cheese and Three Cheese.

- Stuffed Bagel Minis - Also returning, the warm, mini bagel balls are filled with cream cheese and come in two varieties: Plain and Everything Topping. You get two Stuffed Bagel Minis per order.

- Sweet Black Pepper Snackin’ Bacon - Yet another returning item, sweet black pepper seasoning can once again be dusted on Dunkin's bacon slices. You get eight snack-sized slices in a sleeve per order.

Photo via Dunkin'.

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