Jan 30, 2021

Hershey's Welcomes New Whozeewhatzit Candy Bar

Hershey's gives their Whatchamacallit candy bar a companion with the arrival of the new Whozeewhatzit bar.

The Whozeewhatzit bar features a layer of peanut butter creme joined by rice crisps and covered in a chocolaty coating.

The new candy bar marks the first new bar from the Whatchamacallit brand in a decade and is currently arriving at retailers nationwide. The suggested price for a 1.5-oz standard size bar is $1.11, while a 3-oz king size bar is $1.66.

The name comes about when the brand solicited fans to submit naming ideas for the new candy bar with $5.000 and a year's supply of the bar going to the winner. With over 43,000 entries, "Whozeewhatzit" was declared the winning name as submitted by Lisa M. from Framingham, MA.

Photo via Hershey's.