Jan 10, 2021

New Brookie-O Oreo Cookies Arrive on Store Shelves

Offering a cookie-flavored cookie, new Brookie-O Oreo cookie sandwiches have arrived on store shelves this month.

The limited-time dessert features original chocolate wafers with a three layered filling of brownie creme, original creme, and cookie dough creme.

You can find Brookie-O Oreos in 13.2-oz packages for around $3.50 to $4.

A "brookie" is a basically part brownie and part cookie, usually with the batter on one layer upon the other prior to baking (they can also be swirled together). A brookie-o, apparently, is the same idea but with a layer of Oreo cookies between the brownie and cookie portions.

Photo via Oreo.

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