Jan 12, 2021

Rip'n Chicken is Back at Popeyes in a $6 "Big Box" Combo

Rip'n Chicken finds itself back on the Popeyes menu for a limited time where it's featured in the $6 Rip'n Chicken Big Box combo meal.

Rip'n Chicken basically features the same flaky crust and flavor as their chicken tenders but differs in form--they take a chicken breast filet and partially cut it into strips that remain connected at one end so that you can "rip" off the strips as you eat. A unintended side effect of the way that it's cut is that, sometimes, the end result can look like a misshaped (vaguely humanoid) crispy-fried hand (you can find my review of it here).

The $6 Rip'n Chicken Big Box includes one Rip'n Chicken fried chicken filet, two sides, a biscuit, and sauce for dipping. You can also add a small drink for $1 at participating locations.

Rip'n Chicken was first introduced in 2011 (they also introduced Dip'n Chicken that same year) and has been brought back several times.

Photo via Popeyes.

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