Jan 13, 2021

Post Releases New Pebbles Crisps and Honeycomb Big Bite Cereal Snacks

In case just snacking on regular cereal isn't enough, Post releases new Pebbles Crisps and Honeycomb Big Bites cereal snacks. The new product promise the the same taste but with larger cereal pieces.

New Pebbles Crisps are about the same size as a potato chip and can be had in both Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles flavors.

New Honeycomb Bit Bites come in classic Honeycomb flavor as well as a new chocolate flavor. They're the same shape as the regular cereal but are about twice the size.

The idea here seems to be that these are meant to be even easier (and less messy) to snack on than regular cereal.

All four flavors can be found in 6-oz resealable pouches starting this month at grocery stores nationwide.

Photo via Post.

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