Jan 9, 2021

McDonald's Puts Together New Mini Hotcakes with Nutella in Australia

McDonald's offers up new Mini Hotcakes with Nutella in Australia as a limited-time, snackable dessert.

The new menu item is simple enough and takes two new mini-sized version of the chain's hotcakes and adds an even layer of Nutella chocolaty hazelnut spread between them.

While most of the chain's Australian dessert options are the same as here in the US, you can still get pouches of McDonaldland cookies and fried Apple Pies in the Land Down Under. They also offer Donut Balls, which are donut holes covered in cinnamon-sugar.

Although Nutella hasn't ever been offered at McDonald's here in the States, that have served as part of various menu items in other countries. Past examples include a Nutella burger (Nutella on a hamburger bun), bagels with Nutella, pao de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread) filled with Nutella, and Nutella on an English muffin.

Photo via McDonald's Australia.

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