Jan 28, 2021

See's Candies Releases New Milk Raspberry Heart Truffle for 2021 Valentine's Day

See's Candies readies for Valentine's Day with the introduction of the new Milk Raspberry Heart Truffle. They also release the first tin in a year-long collectible tin series to commemorate 100 years in business.

The Milk Raspberry Heart Truffle consists of heart-shaped milk chocolate with a raspberry buttercream center that's speckled with dark chocolate chip pieces. They're available for a limited time in a box of six for $8.25, while supplies last in See's shops and online.

The new Centennial Heart Tin features a design inspired by the wrapping paper used in See's shops in the 1950s. It comes filled with an assortment of chocolates, including the Milk Raspberry Heart Truffle and can be purchased for $18.00, while supplies at See's shops as well as online.

Photo via See's Candies.

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