Feb 25, 2021

A Look at "Turn Milk Green" Lucky Charms Cereal

"Turn Milk Green" Lucky Charms cereal features the same frosted toasted oat cereal as regular Lucky Charms but with limited-edition St. Patrick's Day-themed marshmallows, including "magic clovers" that turn your milk green.

A 10.5-oz box goes for a suggested price of $3.33. but I received this courtesy of General Mills.

Besides the green clovers that release food coloring into your milk, there are also golden coins with green stars in the middle as well as orange and yellow pots of gold. The green marshmallows started working almost immediately with strands of green that swirled from them into my milk. There was an even light green hue to my milk in short order and I ate the cereal pretty quickly. If you tend to take your time eating your cereal, you might find that the marshmallows will thicken your milk slightly (due to the cornstarch in them I think).

They're the same as regular Lucky Charms in taste. The oat cereal was like lightly-frosted Cheerios, while the marshmallows were dehydrated and softened to varying degrees depending on how long they sit in the milk.

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