Feb 11, 2021

Panda Express Selling New Lunar New Year Celebration Kit for $50.88

Panda Express is selling a new, limited-edition Lunar New Year Celebration Kit, which includes a voucher good for a free Family Meal, for $50.88 (because 8s are lucky in Chinese culture).

According to Panda Express, the kit contains over $125's worth of items including:

- 2 matching aprons designed by Oh Joy, a design brand

- Over $55's worth of Panda Express offers (including the aforementioned "Free Family Meal" voucher)

- 8 Red Envelopes

- "From Our Kitchen To Yours" recipe book and journal

- Lunar New Year celebration calendar and special family activities cards (teaching Lunar New Year-related things such as how to fold fortune cookies)

- Panda Backpack keychain

- Chorks (it's a fork and chopsticks combined), Chopsticks, fortune cookies, and more.

You can find Panda Express' Lunar New Year Celebration Kit for sale at the chain's merch shop.

In related news, Panda Express is also giving out digital coupons on their website that are good for $2 off an entree and a free drink with the purchase of a 2-entree plate.

Photo via Panda Express.

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