Feb 21, 2021

McDonald's Serves Up Spicy Apple Chicken Sandwiches in Malaysia

McDonald's pairs crispy-fried chicken with apple slices and a black pepper mayo sauce over in Malaysia for the new Spicy Chicken with Apple Slices sandwich.

Available with one or two crispy-fried spicy boneless chicken thigh meat(s), the sandwich also includes lettuce, apple slices tossed in Japanese mayo, and a black pepper mayo sauce on a toasted cornmeal-dusted bun.

Also currently at McDonald's Malaysia for a limited time are:

- Twister Fries - Seasoned curly fries.

- New Chocolate & Pretzel Bits McFlurry - Vanilla soft serve mixed with chocolate sauce and pieces of pretzels.

- New Orange Custard Pie - A deep-fried pie with a dual filling of orange and custard.

Photo via McDonald's Malaysia.

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