Feb 28, 2021

Burger King's New Rebrand Looks Like Something from the '70s

Burger King is in the midst of a rebrand that features what they're calling a "completely new visual design" and "more modern look," but seems more like a heritage theme from the '70s.

To start, their new logo, which replaces the logo they've used since 1999, adopts a similar look as the logos they used from 1969 through 1999 (and would slot nicely between the two logos from that period). But that's not all.

There's a theme throughout much of the rebrand that would not feel out of place in the groovy time of 8-tracks, leisure suits, and linoleum.

One of the new uniforms in particular (below) brought to mind the Houston Astros baseball uniform from the mid-70's.

The other rebrand uniforms feel less like the '70s but are still quite retro:

Another thing that lends a '70s vibe is the groovy-type font used for select sandwich and breakfast burrito packaging.

Finally, their food photos is now "hyper textured," which supposedly "dials up the sensorial aspect of the food," but reminds me of old magazine ads.

Given the general appearance of Burger King's rebrand, it might have been better to just call it a "retro" theme and rolled with that.

Here's Burger King's description of the various aspects of the new look:

"- Logo - Confidently, what BK is all about - real, simple and delicious food. Since launching the current logo in 1999, the industry has transitioned to a more modern, digital-friendly design language. The new minimalist logo seamlessly meets the brand evolution of the times and pays homage to the brand heritage with a refined design that’s confident, simple and fun.

- Color - Selected colors are unapologetically rich and bold, inspired by the iconic Burger King flame grilling process and fresh ingredients. The new photography is hyper textured and dials up the sensorial aspect of the food.

- Font - Burger King new proprietary brand font is (appropriately) called “Flame”. The font is inspired by the shapes of BK food - rounded, bold, yummy - and brand’s irreverent personality.

- Uniforms - New crew member uniforms reflect flame grill masters, mixing contemporary and comfortable style with distinctive colors and graphics. Real crew members are featured in new BK advertising.

- Packaging - New packaging showcases the new logo very proudly as well as bold colors and playful illustrations of ingredients."

Photos via Burger King.

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