Feb 9, 2021

Ferrara's 2021 Valentine's Day Line-Up Includes New Mother's X's and O's Cookies and More

Ferrara offers a number of Valentine's Day-themed sweets this year, including new Mother's X's & O's Cookies. Here's what you'll find in line-up for the holiday this year:

- New Mother’s X’s & O’s Cookies - Bite-sized X- and O-shape cookies, covered in icing and sprinkles. 

- New Brach's Wisecracks - Conversation heart candies with sarcastic messages such as "Salty" and "Friendzone."

- New Trolli Sour Brite Lips - Lip-shaped, sour gummy candies.

- Brach's Tiny Conversation Hearts - Mini versions of conversation heart candies in several flavors, including Lemon, Banana, Cherry, Grape, Orange, and Wintergreen. 

- Brach's Heart "2" Hearts Conversation Hearts - Conversation heart candies with two sayings on each candy. Flavors include Grape, Orange, Banana, and Cherry.

- Brach's Very Berry Conversation Hearts - Conversation heart candies in the following flavors: Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, and Berry Punch. 

- SweeTarts Conversation Hearts - SweeTarts candies in the shape of hearts.

You can find the seasonal candies and cookies at retailers nationwide.

Photo via Ferrera.

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