Feb 23, 2021

Pizza Hut Singapore Bakes New Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza

Pizza Hut Singapore debuts the new Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza as an homage to milk tea with boba (tapioca balls), which is also known as "bubble tea" and "tapioca tea."

Available for a limited time through March 30, 2021, the pizza features a blossom-shaped, cheese-stuffed crust topped with brown sugar milk tea sauce, mozzarella cheese, sweet boba, and mini marshmallows.

While this is the first time Pizza Hut has offered a boba-topped pizza in Singapore, it's not the first time that they've offered one internationally. Back in 2019, both Domino's and Pizza Hut introduced boba-topped pizzas in Taiwan (where bubble tea was first created).

Photo via Pizza Hut Singapore.

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