Sep 12, 2013

Review: Del Taco - CrunchTada Tostada

Del Taco's CrunchTada Tostada features a thick, wavy corn tostada shell topped with slow-cooked beans, taco sauce, shredded lettuce, and freshly-grated cheddar cheese.

It's a value menu item with a $1 price tag, but I received this one courtesy of Del Taco.

The key feature for the CrunchTada is the extra-crispy tortilla shell which gave a nice, audible crunch with every bite. It's thick but wasn't super hard and was easy to bite into.
The rest of the toppings are the same as the old tostada (which the CrunchTada replaces) minus the slice of tomato.

The beans were definitely the primary flavor here and provided a tasty, seasoned, earthy base that was complemented by the taco sauce, lettuce, and cheese.

The taco sauce is tangy but mild; if you want something spicy, you'll have to grab a couple of sauce packets. The lettuce was fresh, and the cheese moist with a light flavor.

Overall, Del Taco's CrunchTada is basic but good and affordable. The beans have a pretty nice flavor and there's a satisfying crispiness through the shell.

Nutritional Info - Del Taco CrunchTada Tostada (161g)
Calories - 330 (from Fat - 130)
Fat - 14g (Saturated Fat - 4.5g)
Sodium - 430mg
Carbs - 38g (Sugar - 1g)
Protein - 12g


  1. Looks close to Taco Bell's, which I like once in a while.. not too heavy and very cheap for how filling they are.

  2. Yeah, it's very similar. The shell is a bit different and Del Taco's beans seems to have a bit more flavor.

  3. Yum this looks good! Just needs some meat.

  4. I use to buy Taco Bell tostadas until this one came out. Love it. It tastes a lot fresher than Taco Bell's. *Del Taco beans are cooked fresh in house without lard. I called Taco Bell's corporate headquarters and asked about their beans and they stated "our beans come frozen in each store and employees simply add water and heat them up and serve". Yuck! Those beans are probably frozen for months before people eat them. I will never had beans at Taco Bell again!


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