Oct 17, 2013

Review: Del Taco - Beef Crunchtada Pizza

Del Taco's Beef Crunchtada Pizza features a tostada shell topped with seasoned ground beef, nacho cheese, taco sauce, freshly-grated cheddar, diced tomatoes, and cilantro. They forgot the nacho cheese on the one I got however.

The Beef Crunchtada Pizza carries a price tag of $2.29 but I received this one courtesy of Del Taco.

The Crunchtada Pizza looks like Del Taco's answer to Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza, but they have rather different flavor profiles. Whereas, the Mexican Pizza's strongest flavors stem from the seasoned beef and red sauce, Del Taco's Crunchtada is more a balanced blend of flavors with quite a bit of cilantro to it.

Del Taco's ground beef is much plainer than Taco Bell's, which gives the beans more of a spotlight in the Crunchtada Pizza. The beans are actually seasoned more than the beef and provide a nice, earthy base.

There's not all that much in the way of taco sauce, which leaves the tomatoes and grated cheese to fill in the blanks. The cheese was fairly mild but pretty moist as they grate it daily. The tomatoes were also fresh, but I could have used a little more (or at least better coverage).

The cilantro was just a bit excessive for me. It's distinctive flavor figured strongly in a few bites.

Despite the many toppings, the tostada shell remained crispy throughout.

Overall, Del Taco's Beef Crunchtada Pizza needs a bit more cheese and sauce to have me thinking "pizza." It works well as a tostada however, although those who dislike cilantro should beware.

Nutritional info not available.

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  1. The "Crunchtada" I tried was bland and tasted like beans.... Thankfully, they didn't include cilantro (hate it). The shell was tough on my teeth and could cause dental damage for some. Will not purchase again.


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