Feb 1, 2023

Domino's Japan Serves Up New Burger Pizza Menu

Domino's Japan serves up a new burger-pizza-themed menu that includes four varieties of burger-pizza toppings (including all four on one pizza), burger-pizza potato wedges, burger-pizza rice, and a bacon shake.

The four burger-pizza varieties include:

- The Big Dac Burger Pizza (a play on McDonald's Big Mac) - Topped cheddar cheese, beef patty pieces, pickles, and burger sauce.

- Domi "Nos" Burger Pizza (a play on Japanese burger chain MOS Burger) - Topped with onions, beef patty pieces, meat sauce, mayo sauce, and cherry tomatoes.

- Cheddar Bacon Burger Pizza - Topped with cheddar cheese, beef patty pieces, pickles, and bacon.

- D’s Ultimate Cheese Burger Pizza - Topped with beef patty pieces and Hokkaido Gouda & Cheddar cheese mix.

You can also get all four varieties, each on a quarter of the pizza, by ordering the Burger Pizza Quattro (pictured). There's also an option to double the beef on any of the burger pizzas.

Also part of the Burger Pizza menu are:

- Big Dac Burger Potato - Potato wedges topped with beef patty pieces, hamburger sauce, cheddar, and pickles.

- Domi "Nos" Burger Potato - Potato wedges topped with beef patty pieces, cherry tomatoes, and mayo sauce.

- Big Dac Burger Pizza Rice - Butter rice topped with cheddar cheese, beef patty, pickles, and burger sauce and then baked.

- Bacon Shake - A premium milkshake made with ice cream, milk, and bacon pieces.

Photo via Domino's.

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