Apr 3, 2023

Wienerschnitzel Blends New Chips Ahoy! Shakes

Wienerschnitzel blends new Chips Ahoy! Shakes for a limited time.

The chain's new Chips Ahoy! Shakes comes in three flavors: Mint, Chocolate, and Strawberry.

The Chips Ahoy! Mint Shake blends Tastee Freez Soft Serve, mint syrup, and Chips Ahoy! cookie pieces, while the Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Shake is made with chocolate syrup instead of mint and the Chips Ahoy! Strawberry Shake is made with strawberry syrup.

Prices vary but Wienerschnitzel's Chips Ahoy! Shakes go for $4.99 each near me.

Photo via Wienerschnitzel.

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