Apr 2, 2023

2023 April Fools' Day Jokes Round-up

April Fools' Day always sees a number of pranks from fast food and various food brands that showed up on April 1, 2023 via social media. Here's the 2023 April Fools' Day joke round-up:

- A&W Restaurants - It's Root Beer Deodorant.

- Auntie Anne's - Their newest concept, Uncle Danne's, serves up things like deep-fried pretzels (which could be really good if it were only real).

- Burger King Ireland - They put out two April Fools products: the High King ("We’re taking our menu to new heights, combining all our classic burgers like never before.") and...

Whopper Warmer ("Want to take your Whopper on an adventure, and can’t get enough of our piping hot taste? Presenting the all-new Whopper Warmer – a revolutionary temperature-controlled container that ensures your Whopper is always at the optimum heat, wherever, whenever.")

- Carl's Jr. - "It’s a joke, you guys. Unless, you know, you’re into it."

- Chips Ahoy! - It's just Ahoy! No chips.

- Doritos - Doritos shampoo anyone?

- Del Taco - The Del Scorcho candle would be even cooler (hotter?) if they added an inferno on top.

- Domino's UK - Blaze Pizza did this last year but "Just Crust."

- Firehouse Subs - "Introducing: Eau De Sub. A mouth-watering body fragrance line exclusively at Firehouse Subs.

Olfactory delights include:

  • Smokehouse Bergamot: A woodsy union of sweet & smoky bergamot and a hint of aged cheddar.
  • Brine-Soaked Cucumber: An invigorating blend of fresh dill, cool cucumber, and black pepper.
  • Ethereal Engineer: A complex medley of mushrooms, steam, and musk.
  • Hook & Lavender: A comforting harmony of lavender, Virginia honey ham, and smoked sea salt."

- Hardee's - "Cold cereal is so yesterday- enjoy the warm embrace of our New Itty Bitty Biscuits 'N' Gravy cereal⭐️ A Made from Scratch biscuit in every bite."

- Jersey Mike's - The Juice is what they call their red wine vinegar/olive oil blend.

- Jet's Pizza - They reveal some merchandise that you might want to buy but can't because they're not real.

- KFC France - They don't actually serve broccoli but if they did it would come in a KFC Broccoli Bucket.

- KFC - Since they brought back the Double Down, maybe a Quadruple Double Down (i.e. 4 x 2 = 8 filets) is in order?

- Lay's - I feel like Mtn Dew-flavored Lay's potato chips could actually happen someday. I mean they did actually make Baja Blast Hot Sauce in very limited quantities...

- McAlister's Deli - They also revealed merch that you might want but doesn't actually exist.

- McDonald's Australia - It's a Quarter Pounder with fries inside. Apparently, you don't have to add the fries yourself but then again, it doesn't exist (yet...).

- McDonald's Canada - For when you really want extra pickles...

- McDonald's UK - McNuggets Boots seem on-trend with those Astroboy boots that came out this year.

- Oreo - I believe build-your-own Oreos was a social media hack trend a while back.

Papa John's - It's their famous Garlic Sauce but to make your hair nice, shiny, buttery, and garlicky.

Pizza Hut - They teased that they would only be serving Melts going forward.

- Pizza Hut UK - Is Just Crust Pizza still pizza?

- Sonic - "Sonic Ski-In coming to a mountain near you!

Lodge meals are a thing of the past. Sonic Drive-In has decided to break into the ski industry in a big way. No longer will carhops be roller skating to you with your food - they will now be skiing to you."

- Stouffer's - How about some Stouffs? "Stouff’s knows its dishes offer the ❤️ of a home-cooked meal w/out the 🕡– and now u can save presh mins when talking ‘bout them 2."

  • Pepperoni French Bread Pizza ➡️Roni FreBre Za
  • Macaroni & Cheese ➡️ Meese
  • Chicken Enchiladas ➡️ 'Ladas
  • Tuna Noodle Casserole ➡️ Tudle 'Role

- Subaru - The car brand leans into its outdoor-friendly image with new Forager Granola.

"Subaru Forager Granola blends wholesome grains, nuts, dried fruits, and the promise of the open road, offering all of the goodness of nature in one tasty package.* Because each journey is unique, Forager is customizable with any ingredients. Subaru recommends fresh steam from Old Faithful, crunchy macrobiotic twigs, and even (maybe?) those berries you found in the woods."

- The Habit Burger - Again, it's a product that seems like it could (and sometimes does) actually come out.

- Wienerschnitzel - Hot Dog-flavored sparkling water.

- Zaxby's - It's a milkshake made with their Insane sauce.

Photos via the mentioned brands' respective social media channels.

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