Jun 9, 2023

Blackened Chicken Sandwich Back at Popeyes Permanently

The Blackened Chicken Sandwich is back at Popeyes as a permanent menu item nationwide.

Popeyes Blackened Chicken Sandwich features a chicken breast filet marinated in the chain's blackened seasoning and then fried without breading. The blackened chicken filet is then served with pickles and mayo on a toasted brioche bun. It basically takes the chain's signature Chicken Sandwich and replaces the fried chicken filet with a blackened chicken filet.

The blackened chicken filet is already spicy but you can also get a Spicy Blackened Chicken Sandwich, which comes with spicy mayo instead of regular mayo.

Prices for the Blackened Chicken Sandwich starts at $4.99 (it costs $5.49 near me in the Los Angeles area). 

The sandwich was first introduced last fall as a limited-time menu item. You can find my review of Popeyes Blackened Chicken Sandwich here.

Photo via Popeyes.

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