Jun 24, 2023

You Can Add a Sausage Link to Any Burger at Burger King in Peru

Burger King Burger with split-sausage link.
Burger King Peru is currently offering burgers with a split sausage link in them: the Jr. Grill Duo and it's bigger counterpart, the XL Grill. But the real kicker is, while it's available, you can add the same sausage on any burger/sandwich on the menu.

In fact, you can add an extra burger patty, crispy-fried chicken filet, veggie patty, or sausage to any burger/sandwich on the menu.

As for the Jr. Grill Duo and XL Grill burgers, they both include a beef patty, fried potato sticks, a split-link sausage, mayo, and chili pepper sauce on a toasted bun but differ in size.

While the XL Grill burger is about $7, the option to add sausage comes out to less than $1.

Photo via Burger King Peru.

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