Jun 12, 2023

Jack in the Box Releases New Snoop's Munchie Meal

Jack in the Box Snoop's Munchie Meal
Jack in the Box partners with Snoop Dogg to release the new, limited-time Snoop's Munchie Meal.

Calling it a "a wide variety of Jack’s iconic offerings to cure all late night cravings," Snoop's Munchie Meal includes a new Spicy Sauced & Loaded Chicken Sando, a new Baked Brownie, a taco, medium Seasoned Curly Fries, a medium fountain drink, and a Purple Haze air freshener for $14.

The new Spicy Sauced and Loaded Chicken Sandwich features two white-meat spicy chicken strips, bacon crumbles, French fries, white cheese sauce, Good Good sauce, and ranch on a Brioche bun. It can also be purchased alone for a suggested price of $7.99.

The new Baked Brownie offers a dark chocolate brownie with Semi-sweet chocolate chips. You can also purchase it a la carte for a suggested price of $2.69.

You can find Snoop’s Munchie Meal at Jack in the Box locations nationwide for a limited time through August 6, 2023.

Photo via Jack in the Box.

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