Jun 16, 2023

Pizza Hut Australia Serves Up New Garfield-Inspired Pasta Pizzas

Pizza Hut Australia's Garfield-inspired Pasta Pizzas
Pizza Hut Australia welcomes new Garfield-inspired Pasta Pizzas in two varieties: Mac n' Cheese and Bolognese (oddly enough, no lasagna).

The Mac n' Cheese Pasta Pizza comes topped with macaroni & cheese pasta, extra mozzarella & cheddar, and the chain's "secret" parm topping.

The Bolognese Pasta Pizza comes topped with spiral pasta, marinara, extra mozzarella & cheddar, and the secret parm topping.

Basically, the new Pasta Pizza take two of the chain's pasta dishes and puts them on pizza crusts.

Photo via Pizza Hut Australia.

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