Jun 20, 2023

Jack in the Box Tests New Boba Drinks and Shakes

Jack in the Box Boba Milk Tea, Iced Coffee, and Vanilla Shake.
Jack in the Box tests new boba drinks and shakes for a limited time at select locations in the San Diego, CA area (the drinks have also been spotted in Oceanside, CA).

The drinks being tested include:

  • Milk Tea with Boba
  • Iced Coffee with Boba
  • Vanilla Shake with Boba

While Iced Coffee and Vanilla Shakes are part of Jack in the Box's regular menu, Milk Tea is a new option being tested that features fresh-brewed black tea mixed with sweetened cream and vanilla and served over ice.

The new boba drinks come served with brown sugar boba, which are tapioca balls in brown sugar syrup. It's an interesting choice for a fast food restaurant as this type of boba is meant to be kept warm or hot before serving to stay soft and chewy. When the tapioca balls get cold in liquid they tend to turn hard in the center but also start to dissolve at the exterior so that you have a hard not-so-chewy ball of tapioca with a goopy film around it (Del Taco went a different way with popping boba that requires less care).

Prices may vary but at one San Diego location, the Milk Tea with Boba costs $4.94, the Iced Coffee with Boba costs $4.94, and the Vanilla Shake with Boba costs $6.24.

Photo via Jack in the Box.

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