Jun 19, 2023

Chobani Releases New Chobani Zero Sugar Drinks

Chobani Zero Sugar Drinks
Chobani releases new Chobani Zero Sugar Drinks as a "a protein-packed on-the-go option made with natural ingredients."

Chobani Zero Sugar Drinks are made with milk and fermented with live and active yogurt cultures and probiotics. They're free of lactose and sweetened with natural sugar alternatives (stevia and monkfruit)

The drinks are the latest addition to Chobani's Zero Sugar line, which also includes Chobani Zero Sugar Greek Yogurt, which sees the naturally occurring sugar in dairy being removed through filtration and fermentation.

At launch, the beverages come in four flavors: Mixed Berry, Peaches & Cream, Strawberry Cheesecake, and Milk & Cookies.

You can find Chobani Zero Sugar Drinks come in 7-fl-oz bottles for a suggested price of $1.99 each.

Photo via Chobani.

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