Jun 9, 2023

KFC South Korea Serves Up New Double Down with Fried Egg

KFC South Korea offers both the chicken and the egg with the debut of the new EggZinger Double Down, which features two Zinger fried chicken thigh filets sandwiching a fried sunny-side up egg among other ingredients.

Joining the sunny-side up egg in the sandwich are bacon, cheese, and a spicy sauce.

KFC's EggZinger Double Down costs 8,200 won (~$6.37 US). It's also available in a combo with Cajun fries and a fountain drink for 10,500 won (~$8.15 US).

The new sandwich is a variant of KFC South Korea's Zinger Double Down Max, which is a regular menu item as the Double Down proved popular enough in South Korea to keep on the menu permanently.

Photo via KFC South Korea.

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