Jun 25, 2023

Domino's Rolls Out New Pinpoint Delivery

Looking to offer more convenience for their delivery customers, Domino's introduces new Pinpoint Delivery, which the chain describes as "new technology that allows customers to receive a delivery nearly anywhere, including places like parks, baseball fields, and beaches."

With Pinpoint Delivery, the pizza chain can deliver your order to a "countless number of dynamically created hyper-local spots without a typical address."

Pinpoint Delivery can be selected through the Domino's mobile app. Once you select Pinpoint Delivery, you'll need to "pin" a point on the map where they'll deliver your pizza.

Like certain delivery and taxi services, Domino's Pinpoint Delivery lets you see your delivery driver's GPS location and provides an estimated time of arrival. They'll also send you text alerts regarding your delivery and will let you know when your order is at the pickup spot. From there, you can activate a visual signal on your phone so that the delivery driver can spot you (you'll also be asked to provide a description of yourself to help the driver identify you).

You can find more details regarding Pinpoint Delivery on the Domino's website.

Photo via Domino's.

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