Jul 18, 2011

Brand Eating Contest: Free Smoothie at McDonald's

I have coupons for "One FREE Small Real Fruit Smoothie" including the new Mango Pineapple Smoothie provided courtesy of McDonald's. 

Instead of the usual random drawing, I decided to do a little bit of a quiz contest for this one. So basically, there are five coupons to giveaway and five questions to answer. There's a free coupon to the first person to answer each question correctly but you can only answer one of the questions (i.e. you can only enter/win once).

Just comment below and jot down the question number you're answering with your answer.

So here goes (these are pretty softball questions so it shouldn't take too much time):

1. What was the first McDonald's menu item ever reviewed on Brand Eating?
2. Where was it purchased?
3. Did I like it?
4. What was the latest McDonald's menu item reviewed on Brand Eating?
5. What was the last sentence I wrote about it?

So there you go, good luck and happy hunting! I'll post and contact the winners when all five prizes are accounted for.

...and the winners are in! For each question respectively:

1. SDPcue
2. Marshall
3. Moe
4. Rob Sukiasyan
5. btyson

Congrats! You can either email me with your mailing address or I'll be emailing you shortly.


  1. 1) Hazelnut Iced coffee

  2. Congrats! That takes care of #1!

  3. Congrats! That's #4 done.

  4. Congrats! That's #3 down.

  5. 5. My "go-to" drink this summer.

  6. 2.  Kettleman City (central California)

  7. And that's #5... Congrats!

  8. That takes care of all of them! Congrats and thank you to all participants!

  9. Please contact me via email for your prize. Thanks!



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