Jul 25, 2011

News: Hostess - New Frosted Devil's Food Donettes

Hostess's line of mini-donuts, Donettes, have a new addition with Frosted Devil's Food Donettes.

The new Frosted Devil's Food Donettes feature a mini chocolate cake donut covered in a chocolaty coating.

The new Frosted Devil's Food Donettes are, like all Donettes, available in four sizes: 10.5oz Dunkie Bags, 11.25oz Dunkie Bags, 12.2oz Sweet Sixteen Dunkie Bags, and 3oz Single Serve sleeves and are available in grocery stores and convenience stores nationwide.

1 comment:

  1. Delicate dainty debutantes dine delectably upon donettes.

    Two decades later, within the trailer park, the once lithe sensuous gals are waddling bulbous caricatures of themselves with a dozen or more snot-nosed vile vermin brats clamoring for sugar-laden donettes that made momma all, and more, of what they came to be.

    This modern tale of woe and all-too-common reality brought to you by the USA's donette manufacturers.



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