Jul 12, 2011

News: Wienerschnitzel - 61 Cent Dogs on July 17

Wienerschnitzel is celebrating their 50th Anniversary this Sunday, July 17, by offering Chili Dogs, Mustard Dogs, and Kraut Dogs for 61 cents each (cheese is extra) to coincide with their 1961 founding year.

In addition to snagging hot dogs for 61 cents, you can also:

-fill in a mail-in submission in hopes of winning a trip for two to Germany (roundtrip fare to Munich, 7 days, 6 nights hotel accommodations and $1000 spending cash) and;

-and try to win certificates for free food, "D/W" crest stickers, and other Wienerschnitzel merchandise via giveaways.

1 comment:

  1. Lol it sounds like you could use a move man, a change of scenery. I really don't think the world is actually ending for the common man, at least in the majority of the Western world. Your posts paint a fascinating image though, so maybe don't move.

    I agree Wienerschnitzel has slightly given the "bang for the buck" title to Taco Bell. Slightly though. Promotions like this are pretty awesome. They also have great coupons often. The regular prices are much more average for fast food than Taco Bell, I'll give you that. Taco Bell has cheap stuff and crazy promotions all the time. Still, nothing beats a good chili dog once in a while. For 61 cents, I'll probably get a few and put them in the fridge for the next day.


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