Jul 9, 2012

Local Review: Dog Haus - Sliders

The Dog Haus is a local chain in my neck of the woods with three locations. They're known for their well-topped and sometimes overloaded hot dogs served on King's Hawaiian rolls, but also serve burgers made with Angus beef.

The burgers are on the large side, but there are also Sliders which are nice and simple.

Normally $1.50 each, they're just a dollar for Happy Hour (Monday through Friday, 3pm - 7pm) at their Biergarten location.

A slider features Angus beef, white American cheese, and grilled onions on a grilled King's Hawaiian roll. It's simple, but oh-so-good. The beef is coarsely ground and loosely formed into a patty with a crusty thin shell charred on. The cheese blankets the patty with gooey creaminess. And the sweet grilled onions provide just enough flavor to complement the meat and cheese.

The overall effect is one of beefy cheesy goodness with a sweet bun to keep your fingers neat. You might call it the essence of burger.