Jul 29, 2012

My Starbucks is Not This Swanky: Vigo Street Starbucks in London

In terms of look and feel Starbucks stores are generally pretty nice and cozy, which makes sense since more than coffee (which is often fairly average), Starbucks sells service and the idea of affordable luxury. I've read that in a survey of customers in China, a majority preferred the taste of competitors, but still went to Starbucks for the service.

There are some Starbucks locations that are more than just "pretty nice and cozy" though. That make you step back and think "This is Starbucks?!" Take this Starbucks location on Vigo Street in the West End of London:

Check out that ceiling! It is a mahogany hard-carved ceiling from a Damascus bath house or coffeehouse in 1903 and is an original feature of the building which used to be home to an oriental carpet gallery.

There's a communal table to meet up and chat and a chandelier(?!) along with a prominently displayed photograph of the original Starbucks in downtown Seattle.

Other features include marble Corinthian columns, wooden floors, a wooden staircase, and special wallpaper designed by Glasgow designer Johanna Basford.

I wonder if many an Olympic-goer will stop by to check it out and grab a familiar cup of Starbucks.

For more details, you can check out the Starbucks UK website.

Photos by Starbucks.