Jul 26, 2012

News: McDonald's Testing Mighty Wings in Atlanta

Mighty Wings: the Return? Maybe. According to Burger Business, McDonald's is currently testing a fried chicken wings product similar to KFC's Hot Wings in the Atlanta area.

Don't get your hopes up though. The Huffington Post reports that there are "no plans to roll [Mighty Wings] out nationally."

The original Mighty Wings were introduced in 1990 as an optional product for franchisees to offer before being discontinued in 2003.

Traditional fried chicken doesn't currently figure into McDonald's current menu here in the U.S., but they have offered it, and continue to offer, in several countries abroad. McWings are currently offered in Hong Kong, China, Pakistan, and Singapore, and have been previously offered in Australia for a limited time.

Fried Chicken is also on the menu at McDonald's in some countries, including a number of South American countries as well as the Philippines and Taiwan.