Jul 25, 2012

News: Carl's Jr. / Hardee's - New Bacon Bacon Biscuit

Whether you like strip bacon or Canadian bacon, Carl's Jr. and sister chain Hardee's has you covered with the new Bacon Bacon Biscuit which features bacon strips and a slice of grilled Canadian bacon along with egg and cheese on a Made from Scratch buttermilk biscuit.

Pricing starts at $2.29 for an individual Bacon Bacon Biscuit or $3.99 for a breakfast combo with Hash Rounds and your choice of a soft drink, coffee, or orange juice. Prices may vary.

The Bacon Bacon Biscuit is offered at all Hardee's and Carl's Jr. locations that serve Made From Scratch biscuits (except in San Diego and Fresno restaurants).

Nutritional Info - Hardee's Bacon Bacon Biscuit (186g)
Calories - 450 (from Fat - 240)
Fat - 27g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 1580mg
Carbs - 39g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 22g

Nutritional Info - Carl's Jr. Bacon Bacon Biscuit (190g)
Calories - 510 (from Fat - 270)
Fat - 30g (Saturated Fat - 9g)
Sodium - 1560mg
Carbs - 38g (Sugar - 4g)
Protein - 23g