Jul 25, 2012

Review: Quiznos - Chicken Milano Sub

Quiznos new Chicken Milano Sub is the centerpiece to their recent menu revamp and offers all-natural chicken, all-natural mozzarella, an Italian 3-cheese blend, a seasonal lettuce blend, tomatoes, and smoky sundried tomato and basil pestos on a toasted artisan bread of your choice (I went with the Rosemary Parmesan bread).

It's under 500 calories if you go with a small size, but I got a regular size; it's comparable to a Subway Footlong in size and is enough for two people. The price on a regular was $6.39, but I received mine for free courtesy of Quiznos.

The focus of Quiznos menu revamp seems to be a general upscaling of the menu along with the offering of new flavors or forms not offered by competitors. The distinguishing feature, or rather features, on the Chicken Milano are the sun-dried tomato and basil pestos. The sun-dried tomato pesto lines the bottom half of the bread while the basil pesto takes the top. Both deliver strong, but not overpowering flavors that aren't often present in most subs. Between the two, it was a little salty though.

The chicken actually tasted and felt like seasoned, tender juicy chicken that you might have cooked yourself as opposed to the cooked chicken strips you can get at the deli section of your local supermarket. Unlike Subway, where you can sometimes get a bite or two full of just bread and veggies, there was enough chicken in the Chicken Milano to ensure chicken in every bite.

The Rosemary Parmesan artisan bread was fragrant, well toasted, and was just enough to cradle the other ingredients.

The veggies were fresh and the seasonal lettuce blend appeared to be mostly romaine with nary an iceberg in sight (I think the blend includes iceberg lettuce; I just didn't get any).

The cheese was nice. There was mostly mozzarella with some shaved Asiago (and I guess Parmesan and Romano) for flavor.

Overall, a very nice sub. I especially liked the chicken and the pestos. If this is the new direction of Quiznos, I approve!

Nutritional Info - Quiznos Chicken Milano Sub - Regular
Calories - 770 (from Fat - 280)
Fat - 31g (Saturated Fat - 17g)
Sodium - 1860mg
Carbs - 71g (Sugar - 8g)
Protein - 52g