Jul 17, 2012

Neat! McDonald's Shows You How to Make Big Mac "Secret" Sauce at Home

McDonald's, or rather, McDonald's Canada has been extremely forthcoming with answering their customers' submitted questions as of late. In a recent video, they were asked, "What is in the sauce that is in the Big Mac?" and in answer, McDonald's Executive Chef Dan Coudreaut (the guy in charge of all the recipes at McDonald's) demonstrated how to make a Big Mac at home, including the mac sauce, with ingredients from your grocery store.

You can check it out below:

If you want a list of Big Mac secret sauce ingredients, here they are:

- Mayo
- Yellow Mustard
- Pickle Relish
- White Wine Vinegar
- Garlic Powder
- Onion Powder
- Paprika

You're on your own in figuring out the proportions, but you can kinda eye-ball it from the video.