Jul 31, 2012

News: First New Hot Dog on a Stick Drive-Thru

Hot Dog on a Stick, famed purveyor of freshly battered and fried corn dogs (and cheese sticks!), is stepping outside of its mall locations and trying out drive-thru service out in West Jordan, Utah.

If you've never been to a Hot Dog on a Stick, they're known for a simple menu of fresh-dipped-and-fried corn dogs and fresh-squeezed lemonade (they also do cheese on a stick, funnel sticks, and fries). Basically, it's like county fair food, but all-year-round.

With the simple menu, the shop doesn't require much of a physical footprint and the new drive-thru location is just slightly bigger than coffee kiosk.

In addition to testing the drive-thru kiosk, they've also testing breakfast at the same location. Items being  tested include French toast sticks, hash browns, batter-fried sausage (sausage on a stick!), coffee, and fresh-squeezed orange juice.