Jul 9, 2012

Neat! Coca-Cola in a Coke-Bottle-Shaped Bag

You might not know this, but in some countries, people drink Coca-Cola out of a plastic bag. That's not to say they don't sell bottled coke (not sure why bottles over cans, but I would guess the bottles can be reused like milk bottles back in the day), but rather than put down a deposit on the bottle, people have the bottle poured into a small plastic baggie and drink it with a straw.

Of course, the problem for Coke is no one sees people drinking their iconic bottles and they lose the marketing opportunity. So starting in El Salvador, they've gone and created the "Coca-Cola Bag." Apparently, Coca-Cola has nothing to do with the Coke Bag and has no plans on creating such. You can check their official statement here.

So an anonymous party created a Coke bag and supporting ad. You can see the reasoning and bottle-bag in the commercial below:

It seems like a pretty neat idea and I wonder if Coca-Cola would consider it. The video does have the feel of an internal product presentation though.

The plus over regular plastic bags? The Coke bags are biodegradable and I'm thinking Coca-Cola either provides them to the vendors for less or for free.

As for waxed cups? They're not recyclable and I'm going to guess they cost more than a plastic baggie.


  1. Growing up in Mexico, that's the way I would get my coke to go at the convenience store by the playground where I used to hang out with my friends... It's a neat idea indeed

  2. So in essence, everybody roams around armed with one big water balloon.


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