Jul 25, 2012

News: Del Taco - New $4 Meals

For a limited time, Del Taco is offering four new $4 value meals. The four available meals are Del's Deal, the Classic Deal, the Grilled Chicken Deal, and the Variety Deal.

Here's what's comes with each deal:

- Del's Deal includes two half-pound bean and cheese burritos, a regular taco, and a small drink (do keep in mind that a "small" drink is, inexplicably, typically 20 fluid ounces);

- the Classic Deal includes two Classic Tacos, a value bean & cheese burrito, and a small drink;

- the Grilled Chicken Deal includes two grilled chicken tacos, a regular taco, and a small drink;

- and the Variety Deal includes a 2-piece mini cheese quesadilla, a grilled chicken taco, a value bean and cheese burrito, and a small drink.