Jul 7, 2012

News: Frito Lay - Two New Tostitos Artisan Recipe Flavors

Frito Lay has gone and expanded their line of Tostitos Artisan Recipe chips with two new flavors: Baked Three Cheese Queso, and Toasted Southwestern Spices.

It should be pointed out that "queso" literally translates to "cheese" in Spanish, and therefore "three cheese queso" is "three cheese cheese." Perhaps they should have just called it "Cheese Cheese Queso" and be done with it.

The Tostitos Artisan Recipe line features tortilla chips made with a 9-grain blend that straddles the line between a Tostitos and a Sun Chip. The chips are layered with ingredients for a more nuanced flavor that borrows from various ethnic cuisines, but without the more pronounced (i.e. beat-you-over-the-head) flavor of Doritos.

Baked Three Cheese Queso and Toasted Southwestern Spices joins Roasted Garlic & Black Bean and Fire-Roasted Chipotle in the Tostitos Artisan Recipe.

They're available in 9.75-ounce bags nationally for a suggested retail of $3.99. You can find out if your local retailer is stocking them via Fritos Lay's product locator.