Mar 20, 2015

Ben & Jerry's 2015 Free Cone Day on April 14th

Ben & Jerry's is holding this year's Free Cone Day on Tuesday, April 14th, 2015, from 12 to 8 PM at participating Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops.

The annual tradition is meant to show appreciation to the brand's fans and customers. During the event, you can get a free scoop of any ice cream of your choice in a cup or cone.

If you feel like waiting in line multiple times, you can score multiple cones (they've held the freebie event for a while now so the lines tend to move pretty quickly).

If you're looking to try some flavors that they only serve in their Scoop Shops (i.e. you can't buy these in pints at the supermarket here in the U.S.; although for some it's more like you can't buy them anymore), there's:

- New Waynes'Swirled - Dark caramel and vanilla ice creams with fudge & caramel swirls.
- Berry Berry Extraordinary Sorbet - Blueberry and raspberry fruit sorbets swirls together.
- Butter Pecan - Buttery ice cream with roasted pecans.
- Chocolate
- Chocolate Peanut Buttery Swirl - Milk chocolate ice cream with a thick peanut buttery swirl.
- Coconut 7-Layer Bar - Coconut ice cream with coconut & fudge flakes, walnuts, and swirls of graham cracker & butterscotch.
- Coffee
- Gilly's Catastrophic Crunch - Chocolate and sweet cream ice creams with caramel clusters, fudge-covered almonds, and a marshmallow swirl.
- Lazy Sunday - Vanilla cake batter ice cream with chocolate and yellow cupcake pieces, and a chocolate frosting swirl.
- Lemon Sorbet
- Mango Mango Sorbet
- Mint Chocolate Chunk - Mint ice cream with chocolate chunks
- Strawberry
- Sweet Cream & Cookies - Sweet cream ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies.
- Turtle Cheesecake - Cheesecake ice cream with pecans, fudge flakes, and a caramel swirl.
- Two Wild & Crazy Pies - Coconut cream and chocolate cream pie ice creams with a chocolate cookie swirl.
- Vanilla
- Vanilla Greek Frozen Yogurt
- White Russian - Coffee ice cream with coffee liqueur.

You can find your nearest scoop shop with the locator on the Ben & Jerry's website.

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