Mar 8, 2015

New Hot and Sweet Flavors of Popchips Coming Summer 2015

Popchips plans to introduce two new flavors this summer: Crazy Hot Potato and Cinnamon Twist Sweet Potato. 

Crazy Hot Potato is billed as the brand's "spiciest product to-date" and is described as "hot as a habanero pepper" but balanced with a "cheesy note."

Cinnamon Twist Sweet Potato are seasoned with cinnamon, sugar, and a hint of apple.

Like the rest of the brand's line, the chips are popped crispy by a combination heat and pressure rather than fried in hot oil.

Both new flavors arrive nationally in stores this summer (although I wouldn't be surprised if they arrive earlier in some areas). They'll come in 3.5-oz bags with a suggested price of $2.99. Additionally, Crazy Hot Potato will also come in 1-oz bags with a suggested price of $1.49.

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