Mar 10, 2015

Review: Domino's - Gluten-Free Pizza

Domino's Gluten-Free Pizza features a crust made with a combination of rice and potato starches and flours.

A 10" pizza topped with bacon cost me $10.99 (it's only available in the one size).

While the crust is certified gluten-free, the pizza is made in the same kitchen as the rest of their menu and carries a low risk of gluten contamination. Additionally, the pizzas are made with the same utensils and toppings as their regular pizzas.

I don't have any gluten sensitivities nor do I prescribe to any gluten-free diet (or any special diet for that matter!) so I just ate this to review it, much like I did for Pizza Hut's Gluten-Free Pizza.

I will start out by saying that Domino's bacon is excellent; there's a really nice, smoky bacony flavor to it and it crisps up just right from the oven. Also, there were some decently-sized pieces of it and not just minuscule bits.

The cheese coverage was really nice as well, with a creamy even blanket until the end crust.

The sauce was a little light but offered the standard mix of tangy tomato with a slight hint of sweetness and herbs

The crust was thicker than Pizza Hut's version and provided an interesting blend of crispy and chewy. The edge and bottom developed a satisfying crispy crunch, while the top offered a gumminess reminiscent of mochi (which makes sense given the rice flour).

Overall, Domino's Gluten-Free Pizza was good but the crust felt more pizza adjacent rather than like pizza. It's nice but Pizza Hut's version was closer to a regular (thin-crust) pizza.

Nutritional Info - Domino's Gluten-Free Pizza with Bacon
Serving Size 1/6 pizza (69g)
Calories - 170 (from Fat - 80)
Fat - 9.5g (Saturated Fat - 3g)
Sodium - 455mg
Carbs - 16g (Sugar - 1g)
Protein - 7g

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