Mar 11, 2015

Sonic Introduces New Spicy Super Crunch Chicken Strips

Sonic introduces new Spicy Super Crunch Chicken Strips as a limited-time spicy version of their regular chicken strips.

Like the original version, the new chicken dish consists of strips of battered and deep-fried white meat chicken but seasoned for an extra kick of spicy heat.

You can expect them to cost around $3.39 (may vary) for an order of three strips, which also comes with your choice of sauce for dipping (choices include Ranch, Honey Mustard, and Hickory BBQ). A five-piece order is $4.99.

There's also a 3-piece dinner for $5.99 and a 5-piece dinner for $6.99. The dinners also include Texas toast, Tots, and an onion ring.

Sonic has offered spicy versions of their chicken sandwiches and popcorn chicken in the past, so it's not much of a stretch for them to offer a spicy version of their chicken strips.

The Spicy Super Crunch Chicken Strips are available nationally at participating Sonic restaurants through April.

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