Mar 26, 2015

Review: The Coffee Bean - Thai Tea Latte and Ice Blended

The Coffee Bean's Thai Tea Latte and Ice Blended both feature Assam black tea and the flavor of condensed milk (and what appears to be a healthy dose of food coloring).

It cost me $3.99 for the small 12-oz iced latte and $4.19 for the 12-oz Ice Blended (which is a more shake-like drink).

While these sport the signature deep orange color of Thai iced tea, the taste wasn't quite there and didn't have the same refreshing quality.

The latte sported a stronger tea flavor and an almost pungent quality to it. I wonder if there was some cardamom or star anise to it but couldn't really tell.

The Ice Blended delivered a smoother, icier drink with a more muted tea flavor and more sweetness although neither drink was overly sweet.

Overall, The Coffee Bean's Thai Tea Latte and Ice Blended were pleasant enough but just didn't hit the right notes to get me thinking "Thai iced tea." They're also pricey considering you can get a similar or bigger cup for $2 or $3 at a Thai restaurant.

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