Sep 5, 2015

Baskin-Robbin's September 2015 Flavor of the Month is Banana Split

Perhaps they're tired of making actual banana splits or maybe they want you to order a banana split with this ice cream, but new Banana Split ice cream is the Flavor of the Month for September at Baskin-Robbins.

The new flavor features banana-flavored ice cream with chocolaty pieces of cherry and almonds plus bits of pineapple along with strawberry and fudge ribbons. As part of the chain's 70th year-long birthday celebration, you can get the flavors as part of a 70th Birthday Banana Split as well as in a cup or cone.

Also new this month is the Mini Cupcake Birthday Cake, a regular-sized ice cream cake topped with a ring of mini cupcakes made of white dipping chocolate complete with edible candles.

Finally, because it's pumpkin season, Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream is back this fall. The flavor includes pumpkin- and cheesecake-flavored ice creams, gingersnap cookie pieces, and a cinnamon cream cheese-flavored ribbon.

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