Sep 16, 2015

Canada's Top-Selling Ruffles Flavor Comes to the U.S.

Canada's favorite Ruffles chips, Ruffles All Dressed, are now available for a limited time here in the U.S.

The chip's flavor is described by one person on Amazon as "a mixture of barbecue, sour cream and cheddar, and salt and vinegar chips all rolled into one." The brand itself describes the chip's flavor as "hard to describe" but "unlike anything you've tasted."

Ruffles All Dressed is the best-selling Ruffles chips flavor in Canada. In case you're wondering, the best-selling Ruffles flavor here in the U.S. is Cheddar and Sour Cream.

If you're looking to try the new flavor, it's only available through December 7, 2015. They come in two sizes: a 2.6-oz bag for a suggested price of 1.49 and a 7.75-oz bag with a suggested price of $3.49.

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