Sep 30, 2015

Review: Quiznos - SatisFire Ciabatta Sandwich

Quiznos' SatisFire Ciabatta sandwich features slow-roasted pork, honey ham, bacon, cheddar cheese, serrano pepper aioli, sauteed onions, fresh jalapenos, pickles, lettuce, and tomato on ciabatta bread.

I picked one up for $6.49.

The SatisFire was already so loaded with toppings that I skipped the seemingly out of place lettuce on mine. I didn’t miss it, as the fresh jalapenos added a great crunch to the sandwich. They were also the source of a considerable amount of heat. Between the jalapenos and the serrano pepper aioli, I found myself sweating after about two bites and wishing I’d ordered a drink when it was all said and done.

The three different meats worked well together. The pulled pork constituted the bulk of the sandwich. I appreciated that it wasn’t too mushy and had a decent smokiness to it. The bacon was chopped and spread over the pork. It also featured some smokiness, but also a noticeable sweetness. It was less prominent overall but did have some impact when I got a mouthful of it. The warm honey ham provided a lightly sweet, tender layer atop the others.

While I did notice a thick slice of cheddar cheese in the center of the sandwich, it failed to stand out from the bevy of stronger flavors. The pickles were satisfyingly tangy and, along with the onions and tomato, acted as a counter against the heat of the sandwich. Quiznos was wise to feature this sandwich on their ciabatta roll, which made for a great crispness throughout. Also, the outer shell of the bread worked as a last line of defense against the aioli and grease that may have otherwise made a mess.

Overall, I enjoyed the SatisFire Ciabatta Sandwich. It delivered on its promise of heat without tailoring every ingredient to that concept. This approach buoyed the balance of tastes from top to bottom. Stacking three different kinds of pork may not be the healthiest idea, but it was definitely satisfying (Ed. note - or was it satisfiring?).

By Darius.

Nutritional Info - SatisFire Sandwich on Ciabatta
Calories - 930 (from Fat - 470)
Fat - 52g (Saturated Fat - 15g)
Sodium - 2380mg
Carbs - 71g (Sugars - 15g)
Protein - 46g

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