Sep 7, 2015

Starbucks Japan Serves Up Pumpkin Sandwich for Autumn

While many-a-coffee chain is offering pumpkin drinks and pumpkin baked goods for the autumn months, Starbucks Japan tries a different tack with the Pumpkin Sandwich.

The sandwiches feature two slices of barley bread filled with boiled slices of Japanese pumpkin (kabocha), leaf lettuce, and a mixture of honey, soy milk, cream cheese, and almonds. They're going for 440 yen (~$3.67 US) each.

Pumpkin is not as uncommon between two slices of bread over in Japan, it seems, as a few years back saw Burger King offering a pumpkin burger over there.

If you like Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte but with a bit more portability, Starbucks Japan is also making a packaged single-serve Pumpkin Pie Latte available in convenience stores.

Also featured this fall in Japan are "Roasted Nutty Chestnut" Lattes and Frappuccinos. The Frappuccino version in particular is chock full of chestnuts and features candied chestnuts and chocolate chips blended into it with a chestnut mousse and a chestnut sauce on top. The latte version features the flavors of espresso, almonds, hazelnuts, and chestnuts topped off with chestnut sauce and cocoa.

Prices start at 420 yen (~$3.50 US) for the latte and 560 yen (~$4.67 US) for the Frappuccino version.

Photos via Starbucks Japan.

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